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Employee Wellness Programme of MWT

Wellness is "a state of being healthy" or a general state of "emotional/physical/psychosocial health and happiness". The recognition of the impact of societal factors on the performance of the organization has been seen to have direct impact on absenteeism rates, performance, productivity and staff retention issues to name just a few. 

As the transport sector develops within the region, the challenges and risks associated with high HIV transmissions among sector employees increases. Mobility is a factor that significantly increases exposure to contracting HIV since individuals are away from home (and their sexual partners) for extended periods of time.

This page gives valuable sector information for employees, contractors and everybody else involved in the transport sector.

Documents available:

MWT Employee Wellness Programme Fact Sheet June 2016
MWT Employee Wellness Programme Minimum Package June 2016
HIV AND AIDS Mainstreaming Guideline for Sector Responses July 2016
Public Works and Transport Sector STI/Condom Awareness Week 21 - 25 October 2013