Division of Maintenance 

DDMs. S.Van Eijden
Deputy Director
Tel: +264 061  2088642
Fax: +264 061  2088617
Cell: 0811410463

Procedures for reporting

Users can report emergencies and breakdown  by telephone to the complaint office at any Regional and District Office within your region. Other maintenance can ne done in writing to the Regional Representative. Request for upgrading/renovation/rehabilitation should also be done in writing via the PS of the respective Ministry requesting the services.

Background of decentralization

In line with decentralization  policy the maintenance functions within the Ministry of Works and Transport is among other functions in Government identified to be decentralized to the regional councils in order to improve service delivery in terms of decision making, supervision, time of execution and cost for internal and outsourced work. So far the division is well structured in ten regions with the exception of Ohangwena, Omusati and Oshikoto Regions.

To accomplish the Decentralization Process the following activities has been undertaken:

Budget allocation to the thirteen regions; Restructure existing staff establishments; Identify offices and sub-offices; Identified functions of maintenance

Offices and sub-offices

Established offices can be found in thirteen regions:
Feasibilty studies for Omuthiya, Eenhana, Outapi and Opuwo were completed.  With funds available, construction at Omuthiya and Outapi to be completed 2011/2012; and upgrading of Caprivi, Hardap, Omaheke, Erongo to be completed by 2011/2012

Sub-offices (30)

Existing: 12 ; 
New:  18 (Aranos, Maltohohe, Omaruru, Tsumkwe, Sesfontein, Okangwati, Tsumeb, Oshivelo, Oshikuku, Okahao, Okongo, Helao-Nafidi, Nkurenkuru, Divundu, Ngoma, Mayuni, Tallismanus, Leonardville). Money to be mobilized to build sub-offices or existing houses could be identified and converted.Lease contracts to be entered into where no office accommodation alternatives available.

Allocate budget Maintenance:

Operational Budget split according to the thirteen regions;H/O budget reflects need to keep; capacity building (Training) and Minor Capital/ Renovation work at centre; Development budget at Head Office; Provision made for growth of 3% on annual budget.


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