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The Construction Industries Federation of Namibia (CIF) is the national voice of Namibia's construction industry. Founded in 1952 under the name Master Builders Association, registered in 1993 as the CIF, it has for more than 50 years played a major role in contributing to the economic prosperity of the nation by providing the skills and infrastructure required to build a prosperous and competitive environment.


It is the vision of the CIF to be the voice of the entire construction industry in Namibia in all matters of national and international concern.


It is the mission of the Construction Industries Federation of Namibia to serve, promote and enhance a prosperous construction industry on behalf of its members in matters of national and international concern and to enhance the quality of life by providing employment and improving skills.

Telephone: +264 61 230028

Fax: +264 61 224534


The mission of the NSCA is to provide a platform for small contractors that are involved in roads construction and maintenance work to collaborate, coordinate, network, disseminate and share information in the procurement of services and create capacity for their members to ensure quality service delivery.


The Walvis Bay Corridor Group is a public-private partnership established to promote the utilisation of the Walvis Bay Corridors, which is a network of transport corridors principally comprising the Port of Walvis Bay, the Trans-Kalahari Corridor, the Trans-Caprivi Corridor, the Trans-Cunene Corridor, and the Trans-Oranje Corridor. The Walvis Bay Corridor Group's public-private partnership set-up allows it to pool resources and authorities of both transport regulators and   transport operators, thus effectively serving as a facilitation centre and one-stop shop coordinating trade along the Walvis Bay Corridors and    linking Namibia and its ports to the rest of the southern African region.

WBCG Head Office

Tel: +264 61 251669

Fax:+264 61 251683

WBCG Zambia

Tel/Fax: +260 21 1241329

WBCG South Africa

Tel: +27 11 4188326

Fax:+27 11 8227196/0866929537