Directorate of Maritime Affairs


Mr. Patrick Silishebo
Acting Director
Maritime Affairs
Tel: +264 61-226848
Fax: +264 61-220024


The objectives of the Directorate of Maritime Affairs are to ensure safety of life and property at sea; prevent and combat pollution of the marine environment by ships and to promote Namibia’s maritime interests.

Division: Legal & International Maritime Affairs

Deputy Director
Legal & International Maritime Affairs
Tel: +264 61-
Fax: +264 61-

To draft, review and promote implementation of national maritime legislation. To provide for advise to the Government on the necessary maritime policies.

Division: Maritime Polution Control and Search & Rescue

Mr. Pinehas Auene
Deputy Director
Maritime Polution Control and Search & Rescue
Tel: +246 064 2086300
Fax: +246 064 2086350


To prevent and combat ship-sourced pollution in the marine environment and provide maritime Search and Rescue services in Namibia waters.

Division: Surveys & Inspections

Mr. P Silishebo
Deputy Director
Surveys & Inspections.
Tel: +264 064 2086301/00
Fax: +264 064 2086350

Ensure safety of vessels by carrying out surveys, inspections and certify Namibian Vessels; execute port state  and flag state control; conduct registration and certification of Namibian Seafarers; register Namibian vessels, etc.

Marine Circular No. 005/2016