Division: Fixed Asset Management

Disposal of properties by means of selling, donation and exchange


Receive request from Parastatal or Local Authority;internal discussion and approval by the Minister of Works & Transport;evaluation of property By Ministry of Lands & Resettlement;submission to Treasury (MOF) for authorization;Submission to Cabinet for approval
Submission to Tender Board for excemption; send the instruction to Office of the Attorney General to appoint the lawyer;both parties sign the Deed of Sale;

Lawyer to handle the transfer
Ministry of Works receives the new Title Deed; ministry of works inform the line Ministry of the registration and allocation of the property.

Ministry Works open the new file 
Proposal of properties by means of selling, donation and exchange

 By donation
Receive a request from the customer (parastatals & local Authorities); internal discussion and approval by the Minister of Works & Transport; valuation of the property by Ministry of Lands and Resettlement; submission to Treasury (MoF) for Authorization
Submission to Cabinet for approval;submission to Tender Board (MoF) for exemption;request the Office of the Attorney General to appoint the lawyer to deal with the transfer;both parties sign the Deed of Donation;Lawyer complete the transfer of the property in Deed Office;Ministry of Works receive confirmation of the Transfer;Close the file.

By Exchange
Refer to the same procedures as explained on exchange under acquiring of properties as part of procurement.

Allocation of Government land and houses to user Ministries for construction of offices
Ministry of Works receive a request from user Ministry;works together with the user Ministry identify the property suitable for the need as per request;internal discussion and approval by the Minister of Works and Transport;ministry of Works inform the user Ministry of the allocation;The user ministry take over the municipal bills as from he date of allocation.

 Identification of Government properties in newly proclaimed towns
Ministry of Works receives invitation from Ministry of Regional & Local Government; Ministry of Works take a visit of properties and discussion with the relevant local authority;MoW compile a report and list of all Government properties in that town.
Forward the information to Ministry of Regional & Local Government for registration; Ministry of Works receives the Title Deeds for all those properties, and open files.

Registration of Government properties that are found not registered during normal operations
When a property is not surveyed, a request is forwarded to the Office of the Surveyor General for survey the land and frame a diagram for registration purposes I the Deeds Office.
There are cases where a subdivision was done, but the individual Ervens are not registered in the Deeds Office, In such cases certified copies of diagram are obtained from the Surveyor Generals Office and forwarded to the Government Attorneys Office to take out a title over property in favour of the Government of Namibia


Receive requests for office accommodation ,storage space , parking facilities needed from Government  Ministries, Offices and Agencies locally;Identify  and inspect properties together with prospective user/tenants;Negotiate with the private building owners regarding responsibilities and liabilities  eg. rental amounts, date of occupation, duration of rental period, parking facilities etc.
If agreed upon the lease agreement is drafted and compiled by the Lessor; The lease agreement is forwarded to the Office of the Government Attorney for scrutiny.

After scrutiny the lease agreement is amended as per recommendation by the  Government Attorney;After the amendments are made and agreed upon both parties sign the lease agreement;The user Ministries occupy the premises  and monthly rental payments are made to the Lessor;All leases in other towns are presented by the concern : Works Regional Representative.


Request for the letting of Government  offices ,storage spaces , open land and  erven are received from Government Ministries , Offices, Agencies, private businesses and private individuals;After the identifying and inspection of the properties a lease agreement is compile by the Government  Attorneys and sign by both parties.
Government Ministries, Offices, Agencies do not enter into a lease agreement as the properties are allocated to them. They only pay operational costs;The private businesses and individuals pay the monthly rental into  the State Revenue Fund.

Contact persons for Lease and Letting

Mr. O. B. Du Raan – Tel: 208 8525

Civil servants and the public at large

Application for official accommodation;
Standard Lease and Letting Contract;
Tenants Lease Agreement

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