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Ms. S.Van Eijden
Deputy Director
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Fax: +264 061  2088617
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Historical Background

Garden Services of the Government of The Republic of Namibia was established as far back as1910. Since the creation of Garden Services it was tasked to render Horticultural Services and advice to Identified Governmental Institutions, Government Buildings, Monuments and Parks by beautifying the surroundings.

However the Garden Services as it is known today have its roots back in 1960 tasked with the development and maintenance of the gardens at State House and the Parliament Buildings.

During 1961 the work and outlay of the Gardening Services started with the establishment of a Central Nursery at 606 Love Street, Windhoek, adjacent to the Parliament Gardens, where it is still situated today.

In charge was a Senior Superintendent of Gardens together with 8 Labourers who usually looked after 64 prisoners.

Gardens were developed mainly in Windhoek, Keetmanshoop and Swakopmund areas. Since 1989 all the plants needed for the developing and maintaining of these gardens were grown in Windhoek, Keetmanshoop and Swakopmund at our own Nurseries.

Over the years horticultural activities drastically increased and gardens further established at most Governmental Institutions.

However since the early 1990's the rapid increase in the developing of new Ministerial Head Quarters and other Government Institutions has outstripped our capacity to supply. This has subsequently led to the outsourcing of some of our Horticultural Services to private contractors and the purchase of plant materials from Private Nurseries.


The main objective of Garden Services is to layout/planning, developing and maintaining of gardens and parks to identified Government properties across the Country. These include Ministerial Head quarters, Identified Government Buildings, Ministerial residences, public gardens and sport facilities.


Create a friendly, pleasant atmosphere and beautifying of surroundings; Planning garden layout, developing, harmonious and maintaining; To supply indoor/outdoor plants, trees to Identified Institutions; Displaying plants/decorating indoor and outdoor spaces at State functions; Provide professional horticultural advice and judgments; Provide professional horticultural advice and administration of gardening tenders; Construct and/or re-construct of gardens in total or partially;  Produce nursery stock;Maintain bedding plants and vegetation.


Provide garden service to identified buildings such as: 
Ministerial Head quarters
Government flats, V.I.P. residence, Hospitals/Clinics, Courts, Monuments, Libraries, Archives, Sport fields and public parks.


Manage greenhouses and container growing for office and display purposes Improve; composition & texture of soil with fertilizers and organic matter; Remove hazardous/problem trees mechanically; Weed control on gardens; Seasonal pruning & top soiling; Lawn management by regular mowing and edging; Purchase of seeds and plants; Diseases and pest control; Pruning of palms, trees and shrubs; Maintenance of pools and fountains; Installation and maintenance of irrigation system; Maintenance on minor civil works to gardens; Conduct inspections on GRN gardens.


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