Division of Maintenance

DDMs. S.Van Eijden
Deputy Director
Tel: +264 061  2088642
Fax: +264 061  2088617
Cell: 0811410463

Table for Condition Inde

Rating Status Definition of Rating
5 Excellent

1. No defects
2. As new condition and appearance

4 Good 1. Minor defects
2. Superficial wear and tear
3. Some deterioration to finishes
4. Major maintenance not required
3 Fair 1. Average condition
2. Significant defects are evident
3. Worn finishes require maintenance
4. Services are functional but need attenion
5. Deferred maintenance work exists
2 Poor 1. Badly deteriarated
2. Potentional structural problems
3. Inferior appearance
4. Major defects
5. Components fail frequently
1 Very poor 1. Building has failed
2. Not operational
3. Not viable
4. Unfit for occupancy or normal use
5. Environmantal/contaminated/pollution issues exist

















Table for Condition Standards

Functional Purpose Specific Standard Rating
Highly sensitive critical results, e.g. hospital threatres or parliament Buildings to be in the possible condition. Only minimum deterioration allowed S5
Good public presentation and high quality working environment, e.g. offices. Buildings to be in good condition. Benchmark against industry standards. S4
Functional focused buildings, e.g. laboratories, etc. Buildings to be in reasonable condition. Meeting requirements S3
Ancillary functions only with no critical role, e.g. storage. Buildings to be minimum operational requirements only S2
Buildings no longer operational, e.g. dormant, pending disposal, ect. Buildings can be allowed to deteriorate, however must be marginally maintained. S1












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