Directorate of Maritime Affairs


Mr. Patrick Silishebo
Acting Director
Maritime Affairs
Tel: +264 61-226848
Fax: +264 61-220024


The objectives of the Directorate of Maritime Affairs are to ensure safety of life and property at sea; prevent and combat pollution of the marine environment by ships and to promote Namibia’s maritime interests.

Division: Legal & International Maritime Affairs

Deputy Director
Legal & International Maritime Affairs
Tel: +264 61-
Fax: +264 61-

To draft, review and promote implementation of national maritime legislation. To provide for advise to the Government on the necessary maritime policies.

Division: Maritime Polution Control and Search & Rescue

Mr. Pinehas Auene
Deputy Director
Maritime Polution Control and Search & Rescue
Tel: +246 064 2086300
Fax: +246 064 2086350


To prevent and combat ship-sourced pollution in the marine environment and provide maritime Search and Rescue services in Namibia waters.

Division: Surveys & Inspections

Mr. P Silishebo
Deputy Director
Surveys & Inspections.
Tel: +264 064 2086301/00
Fax: +264 064 2086350

Ensure safety of vessels by carrying out surveys, inspections and certify Namibian Vessels; execute port state  and flag state control; conduct registration and certification of Namibian Seafarers; register Namibian vessels, etc.

Marine Circular No. 005/2016

Maritime Affairs Documents
Application for Anchor outside Port Limit
Health certificate for employees on board ships or vessels
Maritime SAR Plan Namibia
National Maritime Pollution Contingency Plan
Marine Circular No. 005/2016
-Annex A
-Annex B
-Annex C
-Annex D
-Annex E
Marine Notice No. 02 Of 2017
Oil Application Form 2017
Oil Transfer Checklist 2017
Deed of Sale and declaration of Ownership Forms
Declaration of Transfer or Transmission