Directorate of Flight Operations

Mr. P Hamutengala
Flight Operations
Tel: +264 061 379803
Fax: +264 061 22101


The Directorate of Flight Operations ensures the co-ordination of Government Air Transport Services’ flight operations in the most efficient and cost effective manner consistent with safety. It ensures that Part 121, 127 and 129 of the Namibian Civil Aviation Regulations (NAMCAR) and other relevant Aviation Regulations such as Far, JAR and ICAO’s Recommended Standard Practices regarding flight operations are adhered to.

The directorate is expected to meet all the necessary flight operations requirements for the continuous renewal of Government Air Transport Services’ Air Operations Certificate (AOC). The directorate also ensures flight crew proficiency through recurrent training and workshops symposiums. Pilots undergo recurrent training every six (6) months and Cabin Attendants every twelve (12) months.